Members of the “financial” category are those who are involved with monetary exchanges. This category includes financial planners, Accountants, and credit processing specialists.

Photo of Peter F. Cicciari EA Peter F. Cicciari EAEnrolled Agent – Expert Tax Specialist

I started my business in Simi Valley November, 1976; I have prepared over 20000 tax returns.  An Enrolled Agent (EA) is a tax expert specialist.  My college degree is in accounting.

• I can take care of IRS audits including settling tax liabilities sometime ten cents on the dollar.

Len Geres
Photo of Mark Sawyer Mark Sawyer Electronic Payment Specialist
(877) 707-1170

Purepayments is registered directly with Visa and MasterCard through Major Money Center Banks. With over forty years of experience in the payment industry PurePayments has always had one mission: to be a full service merchant service provider for all small and large businesses including Ecommerce, by utilizing the latest electronic payment techniques and application programs.