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What is QBN?
Quality Business Network is a group of like minded business people in Simi Valley and the surrounding areas. We operate on a system of referrals much like other networking groups. However, what makes QBN unique, is the information attached to each referral. QBN was founded over 30 years ago with the intentions of creating a better service than BNI for a more reasonable price.

QBN is a networking group that provides a brief structured weekly meeting with short verbal commercials and announcements. Unlike BNI (Business Networking International), which focuses mostly on the quantifiable data such as money and referral count, QBN establishes the value of a referral from end to end of a project. A referral is given to the receiving member with contact details, job specifications (if applicable) and personal background on the person looking to begin business. This information may be supplemented to include extra information to help in the process of completing the business transaction. We go above and beyond to satisfy our clients, our referral partners take the same care and pride with our referrals.

Joining QBN
If you’re interested in joining our group, you can reach out to one of our ambassadors, or meet with the group in person every Tuesday at the Junkyard in Simi Valley at 7AM. Breakfast for guests is provided, and guests may visit for 2 times. After visiting, you may speak with one of the ambassadors